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Are you looking to extend your house, or even build your own home?
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How does it work?

How Does it Work?

“I wouldn’t know where to start if I was the Project Manager!”

You will with our help! We are more than just an amazing online project management tool. We are a dedicated team of building experts on hand to help you to manage your build project, find the best trades and turn your vision into reality.

We are always just one email or phone call away....

With our team of professionals guiding you and our online project build tool, we put you in touch with professional trades to tender for your business, you then manage the entire process saving you lots of money.

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Homeowners and self builders save a fortune when they use iManageMyBuild

How much can I save?

*Save up to 50% on building your own house
*Save up to 45% on your extension
*Save up to 30% on your kitchen refurb

*Estimated savings

You can really save that much if you jumped in and took charge of your build, with iManageMyBuild today. By removing the cost of your builder’s project management fee & the margins they add to materials. Not all trades are VAT registered, but if your builder sub-contracts work out to those trades, your builder will likely pass on that VAT - so why not go direct.

No Project Management Fees, No margins added to trade services or materials and no VAT on trades that are not VAT registered = Savings

How much can I save?

“All contracts and communications stored online between you and trades, creating transparency & security”

The benefits

How much can I save?

As well as access to our professional team, our online project management tool allows you to manage your build project from one place, your ‘iManageMyBuild’ dashboard. The dashboard is packed with great tutorials on how to manage your build.

After deciding which trades you will need (we can help with that), you will create tenders (we can help you with this as well) and then send out to the tradespeople registered and vetted by our team.

The entire tender, contract and progess of your build is logged and managed through our simple to use dashboard, everything is safely stored online to see.

Scroll through and take a look at the benefits

Free to register

You control exactly
what you require

Unlimited projects

1000s of trades to choose from

Select from a huge
range of services

Credited & verified

Management dashboard

Project schedule

Add and manage
trades instantly

Plan reviews

Professional plan
analysis available

Trades required

Approved & accredited trades

Certificates &
qualifications to view

All trades checked
& approved

Unlimited tenders per project

No limits on number of
quotes you can request

Negotiate in
real time

Secure messaging

Instant messaging
between trades

Storage of all documents
& imagery

Save money

Deal direct with trades,
no middleman

Purchase materials

Fun and easy to use

Easy navigation &
learning curve

Customer service & help
available every day