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About Us

What is iManageMyBuild?


iManageMyBuild is designed to improve the domestic building industry with fair and honest procedures for all parties.

What do we do?


We help the homeowner to save money, get their project completed to their requirements and protect their most valuable asset.

We help the tradesperson to carry out that work, safe in the knowledge that their livelihood and reputation will be protected and they will be paid a fair price for a job well done. Here at iManageMyBuild, we have experience stretching over 40 years working within the building industry; this experience includes main contracting, project managing and as individual trades.

How do we help?

Difficulties arise on building projects for myriad reasons ranging from tight budgets, misunderstanding of VAT, larger construction firms profit chasing, miscommunication between the homeowner and the builder, homeowners paying cash without a formal contract, the list is endless. Furthermore, breakdowns in the relationship between the homeowner and tradesperson occur due to absence of a written contract or part contracts that only cover the basic areas of the project.

These issues can lead to unfinished work, unprofessional or unsafe work, non payment of invoices, arguments over timescales, unfair charges of extras and avoidance of VAT in circumstances where it should be applied. Both the homeowner and tradesperson can, and do, create many of these problems.

iManageMyBuild alleviates these problems by providing a central management portal for homeowner and tradeperson alike. We have developed this online tool specifically to help homeowners manage their own building projects, organise tradespeople, schedule work and ensure the work is carried out as specified. Even people with no experience in managing building projects will be able to use iManageMyBuild to manage projects ranging from bathroom renovations to full home builds, and will benefit from the simplicity, structure and support available from the iManageMyBuild team.

Homeowners create projects and tenders through the iManageMyBuild portal, tradespeople quote on those tenders and contracts are agreed. All communication is carried out through the portal and recorded securely in case of any disputes. Our primary role is to assist homeowners with the management of their project, however we do also mediate in any disputes where required, referencing all relevant contracts, tenders, quotes and other communications carried out through the iManageMyBuild portal.


How does it work?

Want to know more? Then take a look at the 'how it works' pages for homeowners or tradespeople.


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