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How It works - Homeowner

Register your details

We need to know who you are so that we can help you with your project! We have a dedicated project management team on hand to ensure your project goes smoothly. In order to do this we need your full contact details, we never pass these details on to any third parties and only use them to help you complete your project.

Create & post your project

After registration you can post your project as soon as you wish. You can add a scope of works, planning documents and any other information that will be relevant to the project including preferred timescales, budgets and any specific instructions that may be relevant across the whole project.
All projects are unique which is why this information needs to be provided by you, however our team is on hand at all times if you are struggling to think of everything.

Create Tenders

Most projects posted on iManageMyBuild will involve multiple tradespeople. This is exactly what the portal has been designed for and is why, after creating a project, you can then 'Add Trades' by creating tenders for specific parts of the project. All you need to do is select which trade you need, write the details of the job you need them to do and submit your new tender. It will automatically be sent to all matching tradespeople in your area along with all the project details they need in order to provide you with a quote.
If you are not sure which trades you need or how to write tenders, don't worry, that's why we're available on phone, live chat and email!

Receive quotes and choose a tradesperson

By now you should be receiving plenty of quotes from interested tradespeople. You will need to make the decision on which tradesperson you think is suited to your project by comparing quotes, looking at the tradespersons ratings or viewing their past projects on their professional profile.
We recommend that all important correspondence is processed through, for your protection and clarity. Our online messages allow you to communicate directly with tradespeople, with all communications recorded for later reference in case of queries or disputes.

Pay agreed price into a secure payment system (optional)

Pay agreed price into a secure payment system (optional). The homeowner will be given an option of paying the total balance into a secure payment system (Project Pay). This provides a protected method of guaranteed fixed payments for both the homeowner and the tradesperson.

The project starts

When a price has been agreed and finalised with each required tradesperson the project will then be ready to begin (depending on the project you may decide to get started before all tradespeople have been chosen, this is also fine!)
A contract is formed when you agree a price & date for the given work with a tradesperson. This contract is held on Changes to the contract must be recorded through

Problems or queries with your project

If the homeowner finds at any stage that problems have arisen on site after your project has begun, the dispute resolution team at can offer you a resolution service to help resolve your issues. We will take into account both the homeowner's position and the tradespersons position, to come to a mutually agreed outcome based on all the information documented within our database.

Project complete - rate tradesperson and release payment

On project completion, asks the homeowners to rate the tradespeople involved in their project. Not only is this to share your experience with the tradesperson with others, but also to show us your satisfaction with the works completed. Once the tradesperson has been rated payment will then be made by yourself or released from your prearranged secure payment system.

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